Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)
Car Parking

(Dallas, Texas - TX, USA)

Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) has two covered parking garages that provide a total of 7,500 short-term and long-term parking spaces. A covered people mover runs the length of both parking garages, providing access to the terminal building, making accessing the airport extremely comfortable and convenient.

In addition, there is a tunnel leading to the short-term parking garage's (Garage A) lower levels. The airport also has a large pickup / drop-off area located immediately outside the terminal building and there is plenty of parking for the disabled in areas with easy access. Both parking garages feature the latest in high-tech security as well as being patrolled by guards 24-7.

Dallas Love Field has an innovative parking payment system, whereby you can use your TollTag to automatically pay for your parking. You can also use the more traditional methods of paying by cash or credit card, with the airport accepting all major credit cards. The following list details further information on airport car parking at Dallas Love Field (DAL).

Garage A

Parking Garage A at DAL is the designated short-term parking lot for the terminal and is located immediately opposite the building. There is easy all-weather access to the terminal, provided by a covered people mover and an underground tunnel.

Garage B

Attached to Parking Garage A at the farthest end from the terminal is the larger, long-term parking lot, Parking Garage B. Access to the terminal is via the same covered people mover that runs from the terminal along the side of both parking garages. Security in Parking Garage B and Parking Garage A is excellent.


Dallas Love Field's parking fully complies with ADA standards and visitors with appropriate stickers and identification will find ample parking considerately placed near the ramps and elevators in both the short-term and long-term parking garages. Wheelchairs and assistance can be arranged in advance by calling the airport information desk.

Dallas Airport DAL

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