Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)
Facilities and Services

(Dallas, Texas - TX, USA)

Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) is a popular air transportation gateway to the city of Dallas due to its proximity to the CBD. The airport has one passenger terminal, which consists of two floors, two main concourses, a baggage claim wing and a central lobby area.

Dallas Love Field has been designed with future capacity in mind and therefore has ample space, extensive parking facilities and a great range of passenger facilities and amenities.

The terminal has two well-equipped business and conference centers, Wi-Fi Internet access, ATM machines and a good selection of stores, eateries and bars as well as an art gallery, aviation museum and children's play area. The airport's ADA facilities are more advanced than many larger airports.

Airport Information Desks

Tel: +1 214 670 6073
Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) is a pleasure to move around with the halls, concourses and lobby all very wide, spacious and airy. The baggage claim wing is located out to one side and separates Arrivals from the Departures / Ticketing areas that run off the main lobby. Several escalators and elevators connect the lobby with the three Departure concourses. The airport's shops, restaurants and bars are spread throughout the Departures area, while the lobby area has information counters, an art gallery and an ATM. Information, security and medical staff at Dallas Love Field Airport are consistently given praise for their helpfulness. Some useful numbers include:

Airport Main Switchboard - +1 214 670 6073
Airport Lost and Found - +1 214 670 6073
Airport Police - +1 214 670 6163
Tourist Information Desk - +1 214 670 6073
Shopping Information - +1 214 670 6073
Paging - +1 214 670 6073
Conference Center - +1 215 904 9883
Airport Shuttle - +1 214 670 1998
Parking Information - +1 214 670 6073
Airport Restaurants - +1 214 670 6073

Shops, Duty-Free and Retail Outlets

Most of the airport's shops are concentrated along the West Concourse, which has the most departure gates and serves Southwest Airlines. The lobby and the East Concourse have a smaller selection of stores. There is no duty-free shopping however you'll find a good selection of gift stores, a sporting goods store, newsagents, bookstores and two shops specializing in sunglasses.

Bars, Cafés and Restaurants

Dallas Love Field has a good range of restaurants and plenty of small bars and cafés spread throughout the lobby and concourses. Favorites such as McDonald's, Pizza Hut and Dreyer's Ice Cream mix it up with several counters serving Southwest specialties.

Currency Exchange, Communications and Banking Facilities

Both the West and East concourses in addition to the lobby have ATM machines, so you are never far from accessing money in the Departures area. There are no ATMs in Arrivals. Dallas Love Field Airport boasts wireless Internet access across the terminal and postal communication services are provided by the two business / conference centers.

Business and Conference Facilities

Dallas Love Field Airport takes conference facilities very seriously and it has two state-of-the-art business centers that provide ample space for business meeting of any size. The main Love Field Conference Center is located behind the Southwest Airlines ticket counter in the lobby and it has five rooms catering for up to 20 people. Larger conferences can be handled by the Aviation Administration, which has two rooms situated near to the lobby and the East Concourse that can handle 40 and 200 guests respectively. State-of-the-art multimedia and telecommunications equipment can be provided, as can full catering services. A shoe shine service is provided by a shop located near to the entrance of the West Concourse.

Disabled Facilities

Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL) has modern amenities and facilities for disabled visitors. From TTY hearing impaired telephones to modified toilets and elevators, disabled visitors will find the terminal building very comfortable to use. The frequent use of people movers and ramps means that people with impaired mobility can rest while being moved from the parking garages to the terminal and between the East and West concourses. Both parking garages have ample ADA parking spaces reserved for properly marked vehicles.

Dallas Airport DAL

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